Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Technology And Relationships

When it comes to the price that relationships have had to pay, in the upsurge of technology that we have witnessed in the recent years, some things are pretty obvious. 
Social media has significantly changed how we nav
igate love. We log on to Facebook, Instagram and the likes to get dope on prospective lovers, and to keep a check on them. Not only this, we also seek validation for our relationships online. 
Someone once said, if it’s not on Facebook, it’s not real. 
But, the impact of tech on love runs deeper than information sharing, or withholding. Appearances have become more important over authenticity. The image we project on social media is closer to what we would like to be, than what we actually might be. 
We want to be seen and heard in a certain way, and we don’t hold back from using all sorts of filters for the purpose. We constantly compare ourselves, and our lives, to the people we see online. It would be naive to think that this has no bearing on our personal lives. This gap stirs insecurities, and the sense that we are not good enough.
 Then, there’s the notorious case of online dating. Can we really judge a person just by looking at their pictures, and reading a few words about them? Imagine how many people we swipe left, who we might find attractive if we met them in real life? We lose out on potential partners because they don’t look all that hot in their picture.
This has taken away the incentive to cultivate deep emotional connections. If you’ve had your heart broken, why should you heal it if you’re getting laid anyway, right?
Those of us who are in a relationship, are now constantly connected. Having a mobile phone means that you are always accessible. While this has its benefits, there’s a flipside as well. Such availability means that we don’t get the space or time to miss our partners, and let love foster. If someone takes more than two hours to reply to a text, we hold it against them. Sure, not taking too long to reply is a part of modern day dating etiquette. But, would it be too out of line to think that this is one of the reasons we get bored of relationships so quickly? 

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