Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Few things match the sheer bliss of waking up to some cuddles and pecks from your partner. As a matter of fact, that's not true. There's only
one thing that can brighten day of your partner trust me that is morning sex. Yes, rise and bang is really the best way to start the day. Some people feel otherwise, with morning breath. if you `re not much for a quickie first thing in the morning, maybe you should reconsider.
 Here's why...

Morning sex does a better job of waking you up than caffeine. 
Yes, that's true. The rush of blood and oxygen does a great job at waking up the brain, removes the ill effects of coffee or tea. An orgasm is good for your health at any time of the day, Start your day with all the various health benefits of climaxing comes with?

You'll start the day on a positive note
Isn't that the key to having good days? This is why a morning routine with some self-care woven into it is recommended,your partner will always have you as the of his/her day. A pleasant morning sets the tone, tune and rythm for the rest of the day is in fact, a key ingredient of staying youthful!!!!

Bonding with your partner first thing in the morning is the perfect thing.
We struggle to find time for our loved ones these days. As the day starts, we get bogged down with work, and other commitments. Come night time, you are exhausted and your brain is occupied with the events of the day. Morning sex is unadulterated by the trivialities of life. Nothing but your lover is on your mind.this will help revive broken relationship and help build trust in marriage

You'll be glowing for the rest of the day! 
Sex makes the skin glow. We know this. If a good pounding is a part of your morning routine, it will leave you with an enviable afterglow for the rest of the day. Goodbye, highlighter!

It is more intimate. Having sex at night is predictable, and even expected. It is the norm. We clean ourselves, shower off the day, and slip into bed for some coitus to mark the end of the day. But, sex in the morning is characterized by morning breath and messy hair, and that's the beauty of it. If you can feel lustful for someone when they are halfway between sleepy and awake, then you can feel lustful for them at any time. You have broached the boundary of "proper." You have embraced their morning wood and un-brushed teeth.

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