Saturday, 25 February 2017

Good or bad, a relationship is can be what you shape it to be, one of the first few concerns is how romantic your partner is?
Does he or she make you feel happy, and loved? Unfortunately, while that sure is a valid question, our definition of romance is not the most accurate.
Some believe a perfect relationship exist in a imaginary world so we tend to subconsciously associate romance with big gestures of love, which means that a guy who maybe books a yacht for a girl and takes her out on a date is much more romantic than, say, a guy who cooks up his girl's favorite meal. The bigger is not always the better... needless to say, this is the worst association of romance.
after married, romance to some is more or less in the bigger things. However, the problem with that was the more you expects, the more disappointed things turnout. This is not to say that things were not romantic. They sure were. However because the expectation were a date at the expensive places, you wouldn't look at the smaller things.
It's okay to expect grand, public declarations of love. But, sometimes, you also need to open your eyes to the smaller things. Someone who always wants you to call once you reach, someone who is super concerned about whether you have eaten or not... that's romantic right there. It's probably not something that you can show to others, or maybe click a picture of and hashtag it, but do you really need that? As long as it works for you, it's great.
For me, my relationship saw a huge change when I stopped expecting big gestures and focused more on the little, everyday things. Because once the grand expectations stopped, I realized that the little things were as romantic and fun as the bigger things.
If you feel that romance is dwindling from your relationship, trust me, just re-evaluate your expectations. Big things are great, but the smaller, regular gestures are amazing and works out when you less expected.
i know you believe this but because everyone is so ambitious today we tend to look into the bigger thing which eventually brings disappointment in a relationship.You need to readjust if you look into the big things and value the little things because they tend to grow one day.
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