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A kiss is the most romantic, scientifically useful part of physical intimacy, and least biologically-driven
. It is simply seen as play, foreplay (As other sees it), the purpose of which is to lead up to coitus. See why it's extremely important to be a good kisser.
Lip-locking(kissing) is indeed the precursor to sex. Kisses aids assess sexual compatibility with a partner. How many times have you heard someone brush off a potential lover only because they were a bad kisser? As a matter of fact, bad kissers do exist, and no, they don't get laid very much, precisely because they haven't mastered the art of kissing, it's not just the technique that matters. A kiss allows us to smell and taste the other person, and as we now know, dating is driven more by compatibility of our biological configuration such as scent than we'd like to believe. So, if somebody doesn't quite taste or smell right, we are less likely to go further with them. It's no surprise, then, that our romantic interest in someone has a likelihood of changing based on the quality of our first kiss with them.

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You might feel awkward when your mate distant his/herself, there's no doubt that a bad first kiss immediately plummets, if not entirely kills, sexual attraction. But, for the ones who surpass this initial bump, and get to the point of having sex, the lack of frequent kissing can be detrimental. For long-term relationship, couples, kissing is considered to be the most important part of a  romantic aspect of a sexual relationship. It is an intimate act, and is linked to relationship satisfaction more than sex is.
To some this might sound odd and to other it doesn't sound odd, if you come to think of it. Without passionate kissing, sex would seem mechanical at best, and a violation of one's body at worse. Kissing is what makes sex intimate, passionate, romantic, and personal. Without it, you're just piece of flesh. when you want to keep your relationship marriage and mate on track, you have to learn not just to kiss but to make it passionate, romantic and sweet

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