Thursday, 20 April 2017

Married woman stuck in bed while having sex with husband’s best friend [VIDEO]

Barasa Azizi, who is 32 year old got stuck while having sex with
his friend's wife known as Atiena badru, In a appartment in Nakuru munipal in Kenya.with the video already gone viral on the internet, Funny as some will say but this is a serious stuff in kenya. the position in which they got attached is crystal clear from the above photo is from behind and trust me that is not funny because they remain stuck. well many say it's a curse place on the woman while others says it's no curse but the work of Voodoo by the woman's husband, Haoniyoa Fajirika.according to source from Star Kenya, the two were unable to control the agony that comes with the embarrasing situation. while they were seeking hideout they cried out but unfutunately that attracted the neighbours and passerby.


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