Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wow Corper Restored A Dilapidated Primary Health Care Center In Kwara state

Olayemi Ajibola is a youth corper who left people speechless with the personal project that he embarked upon during his NYSC year in
Kwara State.Ajibola who served in Oyun, Kwara state realized that the primary health center was in a bad state: bad roofing and unsanitary conditions. He decided to renovate the health centre as a personal project during his service year and got the necessary approvals.
Olayemi funded the project with help from people within the community who gave donations as well as personal funding.
According to the youth corper; ”
“This (green) color was used because it represents NYSC, and we didn’t want some “persons” (who abandoned this for 2 years) to claim they did the work.”
“Even if my name fades from this building, the people living in Abati, Tepatan Oke, Isale, Iya-aro, & Imode won’t forget how ‘NYSC helped them’.”
The health center was commissioned on the 9th of March 2017.

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