Tuesday, 24 January 2017

4things female friends do that most guys don't know

There are many way a girl shows her affection for her girlfriend and one look and you can tell their bond is inseparable.

Girls are always there for each other. They share things, talk all night, fight for one and another and do silly quirky
things that will make people laugh at their silly but adorable lifestyle. A girl cannot watch her girlfriend suffer for any reason- want to go out partying but nothing to wear? she's got your back! Had a fight with the BF, even if it's your fault, he's the douche.

Here are some things those with female best friends will understand

1. They love each other so much, they will help each other reply boyfriend text messages just so their girl doesn't sound desperate or too in love.

2. They are like sisters and what is mine is yours. They borrow each other's clothes and make-up just to make themselves look hot. Its the ultimate squad goal.

3. They give each other the most silly nick names and don't let it get outside of the group. If you want hell, call a girl her girlfriend's nick name and you will have some explaining to do.

4. Girlfriends abuse the hell out of each other and laugh about it. An outsider will take offence but true best friends will just call their girl something worse


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