Tuesday, 24 January 2017

4 Best ways At-Home Hair Removal Solutions For Sensitive Skin ladies

Home Hair Removal Solutions For Sensitive Skin

Removing hair at-home has always been a tough task, especially if you have sensitive skin. Some of these hair removal methods can leave you with red-angry bumps and itchy patches, and no one wants the skin to react like that. Having reactive skin eliminates a lot of
hair removal methods, and everytime you shave at home because you are in a rush, you dread the red bumps that will appear on your dermis. But, fear not. Here are a few methods that can get you out of that fix in simple ways.

1.Choose the right razor

As far as razors go, Don't let the ‘for men' marketing fool you. This razor's three blades and fragrance-free lubrication strip make it ideal for any gender. when your legs are covered in razor burn. Just be sure to change the blades frequently, keep the razor clean and free from build-up, and use coconut oil (since it antibacterial and anti inflammatory) to reduce the risk of irritation and infection.

2.Go for Sugaring 

We are not asking you to eat cupcakes. Sorry. Sugaring is a natural hair removal method. It's an all-natural gel or paste which is made from ingredients like sugar, water, and lemon juice, which is then used in a similar way as wax - to remove body hair from the roots. While the sugar paste can be used with strips, traditionally it's used alone. The paste is balled up, and then applied and pulled off the skin in the same direction of hair growth. The sugary substance works like wax, removing hair from the roots. It will remove hair from the roots, and since it's natural it will barely affect your sensitive skin. Also, you can use it on most parts of your body


These bad boys remove the hair for you, but take little skill compared to waxing and sugaring as long as you have some growth for them to grab. When done correctly, they also remove the hair out and can last for weeks. Imagine a bunch of little tweezers doing the work for you, electronically. But epilating can sting a lot more, so be prepared for the pain. Another drawback to this method is that it might cause ingrown hair. But, you can always exfoliate. But, since it's like multiple tweezers working on your skin, it will not affect your sensitive skin.

4.Creams can also be considered

Though we have always been wary or depilatories (hair removal creams), the results last upto twice as long as shaving. if you pick a hair removal cream for sensitive skin like ***** Gel Hair Remover Cream, then your skin may not get angry and it's also a painless method. Hair removal creams for sensitive skin are formulated with Vitamin E, and aloe vera gel to calm an inflammation or redness that can be caused by removing hair.


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