Tuesday, 31 January 2017

long time rival has once again shown his black face to 2Baba

former music band member and long time rival has once again shown his black face for 2Baba.
He started by reposting a viral post by a professor, Dr Bunmi Awoyemi , critically back lashing 2baba’s planned February 5th Protest against the Nigerian federal government. In an interview obtained by LIB he insists that 2baba should forget about the protest.

LIB: Don’t you think the present government has subjected several citizens to hardship?

This government? Have they forgotten there was a government before this present administration. If somebody has Pneumonia, you would forget the time the person was in cold. Just for us to be factual, what is he protesting about? I think he should do better things than protesting. He should protest with his music, if I should advice him kindly. Has he protested for his Local government in his state? They say charity begins at home.

LIB: So you think the protest is meaningless?

I think its a waste of time.

LIB: Do you think the government has really done well?

We can’t start asking this government if they have down well, they just started. PDP was there for about fifteen years. Did they come out to protest why there was no constant electricity?, Why was the National Stadium being used for unnecessary occasions? Why were people doing things against the law? so Why didn’t they protest?

LIB: In the post you shared, 2face was described as an illiterate for his move to protest against the government, don’t you think that was harsh?

I’m not the one who wrote the article, but there are things he shouldn’t go into because he doesn’t know anything about it.

LIB: So why did you repost it?

I had to because people have to read what the person’s opinion is all about. This person thinks like this. You (2face) don’t think similar and I think a lot of people feel this same way too. Has Fela ever called people out to come out a protest against the government? You(2face) calling people out? You (2face) know what you have done to people and now you are calling them out, he must be joking. He is never concerned about collective people, he is just concerned about himself. He can’t just be mobilizing people, nah nah nah, that is a fraud.

LIB: What is your reaction to the Professor that called out 2face over his Protest against the Govt?

A professor, you mean a professor called him out and you think he is daft? We need to call a spade a spade. I know you guys are going write a lot of negative stuff about me that I said he shouldn’t lead such protest. But what am saying is that nobody should use the manipulative mind to tell people to come out for something that is not worth it. That is wrong.

LIB: Don’t you think 2face is a leader in the society and will be able to convince the government with the protest?

Let me tell you something. Does 2face Idibia have a fruitful foundation? No, Does 2face Idibia have anything that has to do with Benue State? No! Let me tell you something now. Emma Ugolee is in the hospital. If somebody is a front runner what is he supposed to do? 2face is supposed to be able to mobilize people to figure out a way to raise money for Ugolee ‘s hospital’s bill. If I want to do that, the radio and TV are not going to listen to me. You guys have to come out straight. I don’t know what will happen after it but we don’t have to do no protest. Let us get our mind straight, they should stop that and stop manipulating people’s mind.


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