Tuesday, 20 September 2016

WATCH: NBC, CNN Deceptively Edit Hillary's Comments On Terror Attacks

The obvious conclusion: Trump shoots from the hip, responding before having all the information, while Clinton is cautious and measured (i.e., presidential). The only problem is that the clip that NBC provided is missing a crucial moment. Just
before she was asked the leading question about Trump's (factual) "bomb" comment, Clinton herself labeled both the incidents in New York and New Jersey "bombings."
CNN's Jake Tapper likewise attempted to push the leftist narrative forward Sunday night in his interview with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Tapper asked Christie about the strong "contrast" between Trump's "bomb" comment and Clinton "wait[ing] hours" before commenting on the incidents. He followed up his statement by showing the deceptively edited clip of her remarks (h/t Trey Sanchez):


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