Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Mexican president at U.N.: 'No barrier can stop the movement of people'

The Mexican president defended the positive role played by migrants in the cultures of the countries to which they travel and emphasized that the international community must improve their situation.
-"Migrants symbolize the effort that has been made to move humanity forward," he said, stressing that "movement is an essential part of being human."
-With an eye toward negotiating the global pacts on migrants and refugees that
will take place in the coming years, Peña Nieto said that a focus on human rights must be kept in mind that establishes obligations for countries along with a shared responsibility among countries of origin, transit and destination.
In addition, the Mexican leader said that those documents must recognize the contributions of migrants, contribute to eradicating intolerance, prejudices and racism and strengthen the ability of states to take care of those who arrive at their borders, among other things.


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