Sunday, 4 September 2016

How to know if you in the right relationship

Love is a beautiful thing, and all humans do fall in love at every stage in life. But in every relationship, there are dark hours, that put a treat in the relationship, they're: distance, lack of trust, jealously and many more, but let find out how we can keep our relationship going,
Step 1
1st: You need to make the right choice, what the right choice? You may ask, choosing the right partner
How can you find the right partner? Finding the right partner is not always easy, some people fall for many wrong mate before they find the right one, or eventually end up with the wrong person ink the very end
Qualities of a good partner (right partner)
* if you have doubt, you really not in the right relationship
 To what's important ,,,,,,,,,,,,
* They always look out for you/your interest

* They they share your problems
* They tell u the truth even if it hurts
* They keep in torch
* They care about you
* ultimately they love you just the way you are
"That sounds like out of the world right"
Now things you should keep at heart
*Relationship  is not all about romance, (even if its involve) you might think you have the best of romance from your mate! Hey if there's not real affection behind that you still missing out.
* NOT every one who says I love u do! It common about relationships today,
The set are:- people tell you they love you cause they want a mate(they don't care what u do)
* some do cause they wanna flirt with you( for sex/money)
* some have mix feelings
* few love you just the way you are
* some use u to get over their EX
now falling back on making the right choice
Ask your self
*Are we Good friends?( relationship last more if the person involved is a good friend/best friend )
* Do I love him/her? (first you need to ask yourself if you can handle him/her no matter what )
* how do I cope without him/she being around?(now you know if you truly love love this person)" go for someone that can be faithful to you even if u not around, and you know you can do same no matter how long it seems" sure distance will always come in between
* can I stay with this person under one roofs,( relationship should be a long term goal not for fun, ask does he/her thinks about the future of this relationship, can we work? can we raise a family together
Your answer should be affirmative)


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