Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Give your advice! (Relationship matters)

Lost a woman i was in love with because of my lack of communication and my insecurities. Fellas if ur insecure don't look at everything ur lady says and does. Look at what she's showing u at that moment. I lost the love I'd been looking for and life isn't the same without her in it. Communicate ur self to the woman that u love and if she loves u she will not give u a reason to be insecure. I didn't communicate like I was supposed to. And then at the end of the day she never gave me a reason to be insecure. I just lacked trust. I saw that I was falling in love and I ran from it. Don't run from the person u love fellas. It sucks to get ur heart broken but trust me I'd rather get my heart broken than to deal with the regret and thinking about the what ifs. But I do love her still and if she is happy without me then I must let her go because I do love her. And I don't know what hurt a the most. Is it that regret losing her or that she's happier without me 
Pix for thought!?


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