Sunday, 18 September 2016

Being Together: Opposites attract or similarities are the glue?

"I met a couple this week while doing a lot of running errands. The husband was a very nice man and his wife was super sweet. They seemed happy and accepting of one another. They have been together for 40+ years. While just shooting the breeze in the store, I learned she was more liberal and he was more conservative. She jokes that she does it just to give him hell. However, with all the
political talk I wonder how many relationships would really last when someone is a 'die-hard' of either side far right or far left.
So this got me thinking, with hearing that most relationship arguments are over finances, how many are over politics? Does this really matter much on the grand scale of relationships? I know there are some real die-hards out there, I have read a lot of comments from so many various places. Some are comical, some scare the hell out of me. I know in my life I have been attracted to the opposite but it never lasted in my case. Now I feel as if I am finally attracting people like-minded to me. I would like to think I can be a compromising person, of course it depends on what. With so many different beliefs in the world from faith to politics to family to work ethic to lifestyle, it is hard to imagine even two people alike! So let's share experience when you were in a relationship that went south due to political differences, or one that went very well due to being more on the same path of political beliefs. Perhaps politics doesn't even play a role in your relationship and it doesn't get discussed at the dinner table (such as sports or religion as the quote goes). Let's keep it nice and clean please!"


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