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What is Wapka How To Earn Money From Wapka Sites

wapka.mobiWapka Is a Platform, that allows users to create free websites, wapsites.Yes its real, By using Wapka portal we can create free sites.All these services were free.Any one can make website by using wapka without any programming Skills like HTML, php, xhtml ,sql and others.Here I will give you complete details about wapka platform.Here I am Going To Explain What is Wapka, How To Earn Money by creating Wapka Sites.We can easily create and maintain web sites using your mobile phones.All these services were free.Also you can get One free domain also.But it is second level domain.means includes in your domain name.
If you Want to create one web site using wapka.they will provide one free domain for each web site.that domain could be like or can create multiple websites using wapka with a single username and password.By Usings Wapka Most people Making Good Money.

What is Wapka How To Earn Money From Wapka Sites

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    • 1.2The Advantages Of Wapka Sites
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    • 1.4How to Earn Money From Wapka Sites
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Which Type of websites we Can Create By Using Waka Portal

Let us discuss what is wapk ,use of wapka ,wapka comlete details,and which type of website you can create.
By Using wapka Platform you can get following Benefit
  • Create web/Wap sites.
  • music websites.
  • your own business websites.
  • Forum Sites.
  • Chat Web sites.
  • Mainly For Creating Wap sites.which provides mp3 music songs,ringtones,videos,games,app,themes.
  • Most of people were using wapka for creating wap sites.
  • Unlimited space but limited features.

The Advantages Of Wapka Sites

when We discuss about advantages, now a days most of people especially in India peoples were making lot of money with wapka portal by usings by creating wap sites.How they can Earn Money using Wapka site.
  • You can easily upload songs, music files.
  • you can add easily games,apps.
  • You can Host that files to your users.
  • you can add wallpapers,animations like that.
  • You may add ads in your site.

Disadvantages Of Wapka Sites

  • They are Low Quality We Sites.
  • Main Drawback of Wapka is Servers Related Issues Like Internal server error.
  • you dont  not have full control of our website.
  • Recently some governments were blocked wapka sites in their contrary.Recently India Also Blocked In India i Can Access Wapka portal using .Com Extension (Wapka.Com)

How to Earn Money From Wapka Sites

Can we Earn Money From Wapka.Yes, we can make lot of money by creating web ? let me explain.Wapka’s Main concept is Create entertainment sites Like Music, videos, ringtones, Images Downloadable Websites.So we can easily add that type of media files in that sites.Now we can Add  advertising scripts on our websits.when user click on advertisement ,web master having some amount from that Click.So that only There is Huge response day by day to wapka sites.Most of music sites in Web world are wapka sites.We no need to buy domain,we no need to buy hosting,we not need to design template. just few clicks we can easily setup wapsites.Here I wil Explain What is Wapka, How To Earn Money From Wapka Sites
How to Upload Music Songs Or Other Files On Wapka
Let us Discuss About Uploading Function in wapka.Now We want to upload some music songs or other any files,wapka provides two ways.
  1. File manager
  2. Content manager
What is File Manager ,Uses Of File Manager
File manager is A Storage Section, which Stores User uploaded files File manager Providing the following Features
  • We can upload any files
  • But Limited Size
  • New User Can Get 90(approximately )MB  Storage space at the time of register
  • Now user can upload 9MB sized Files.
Can we increase That Upload Limit Site ?
Yes we can Increase File manger Space.Follow the simple tweaks to Add some more memory to your Site.
  • For Every Visitor We can Get 15kb data and
  • For every referral we can get 20kb data.
  • For 10 visitors your site you can get 10×15=150 kb data.
  • When 1000 visits you can get 1000×15=15000kb=15mb
  • now we having total 105MB in your account ,now you can upload up to 10.5MB data.
  • Means 10% of your total storage.
  • By adding file explorer on your site, users also upload their files on your site.
what Is Content Manager , Advantages Of Content Manager
When We coming to content manager ,what is content manager in wapka, follow
  • Content manager is powerful then filemanager
  • By usings content manager you can upload the following file types
  1. Mp3 Songs
  2. Ringtones
  3. Games
  4. Applications
  5. Themes
  6. Wallpapers or Images
  7. Animations
  8. Videos
  • This Is unlimited Storage.
  • Users Can Upload Upto 100MB Data files.
  • Mian Advantage is also here,we no need upload directly, we can upload by usings uplad by via urls   option
  • Mean we can easily grab files from another site.
  • By using Content manger Deployment Tools We can Show This Files On Websites with Just One Click.
As my own Experience Don’t use Wapka for Create Website.In Any Time They will block your website.If you want create Mobile Site like Music Download sites, we may use it.If you want to create blogs like about tech news, stories and other articles you may use Blogger.Blogger is great system to create nice blogs.And also you can add your own Domain to your blog.Blogger is user and Seo friendly Platform.

How To Earn Money from wapka sites

The main concept of making websites in wapka  for make money.from adding the advertisements we can earn money.
Main Advertising networks For Wapka Sites
  • And Many More networks  is There.
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Conclusion :- This is The Explanaation of What is Wapka, How To Earn Money From Wapka Sites.In This Blog I will Post about How to earn money from ad networks and how to make money by using wap sites.Babs media world


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