Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Make money online from blog

The question "How to make money blogging" sits high on every blogger's mind. In fact I received many questions on "How to make money blogging" when I conducted my first webcast to answer my subscribers' most pressing questions on Blogs and Rss.
You can make money Blogging in a number of ways, and in this article I share with you up to
nine strategies in which you can make money blogging.
1. Make Money Blogging by providing technical services such as Blog hosting or setting up Blog
You can also earn money blogging by providing technical services such as helping people to set up their Blogs or providing your own Blog hosting service.
You can search Google for your preferred hosting Service
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2. Make Money Blogging by setting up joint venture marketing
Joint Venture marketing is a powerful marketing strategy employed by many top online marketers.
Basically how joint venture works is this: You promote person B's products to your subscriber and customer list, and you get a cut from whatever sale that follows from this promotion.

3. Make Money Blogging from using the Membership model
Over time, if your blog has lots of postings and provide good quality content,
You can consider turning it into a membership site and charge access for it, again giving you another avenue
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4. Make Money Blogging by turning your products into eBook
Another way in which you can make money blogging is to repackage your Blog contents into an e-book or an audio product and sell it.
For example, if you run your own Podcasting show or an 'online radio show', you can easily compile your podcast recordings into a CD compilations and sell it.
5. Earn Money Blogging by turning your Blog content into RSS feeds and sell it as premium feeds
Your blog contents can be turned into an RSS feed. If the content is good, you can look for web businesses that are looking for good content for related topics and sell their feed to them.
6. Make Money Blogging by well, asking!
Hey, who's stopping you from putting a PayPal donation jar or button on your Blog? After all, there are lots of generous people out there you know.
7. Make Money Blogging as an Affiliate Marketer
Another way you can make money blogging is by promoting other people's products on your Blog.
This is also known as affiliate marketing.
In affiliate marketing, you get paid a commission when someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase. Depending on the subject of your Blog, you can recommend products that solve people's problems.


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